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A Shot in The Dark

Published 1935

The infallible detective meets the perfect crime!

A group of people gathered in an old mansion are being systematically murdered by a hooded killer.

Another Chesterfield classic with Charles Starrett

Run time 60 mins
Producer George R Batcheller
Production Company Chesterfield Motion Pictures
Audio/Visual sound, B/W
Contact Information <a href="">The Video Cellar</a>


Reviewer: billbarstad - - December 22, 2009
Subject: Good hour filler
Students are murdered at a WASPy east coast college by a clever killer. Accomplishing the second murder stretches credibility. The story progresses well, but like some 1930s mysteries it lacks background music or camera movement or movement by the actors to make the interminable exposition scenes less boring.

I downloaded the MPEG4 file. Video is OK; audio is scratchy.
Reviewer: doowopbob - - December 22, 2009
Subject: Bob's Pussy Right....
Starrett Was Heir TO Tool Company In New England.......We All Liked Him As The Durango Kid...!
Reviewer: bobsluckycat - - September 20, 2009
Subject: Ellery Queen-esque little mystery
Charles Starrett before he became the renowned coyboy star was really a down-east rich college boy in real life, and he plays the younger lead with a certain relish. It's a neat little mystery with Starrett as "The Son" and wooden Robert Warwick as "The Father" and it plays like an Ellery Queen yarn and it's not bad. Enjoy.
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